With the duo We Love, Ellen Allien has sought out the golden needle in the haystack of current club music. It’s almost impossible to resist the charm of the sweet Giorgia Angiuli, with her alluring brown eyes, and the wild locks of the contemplative, emotional Piero Fragola. The pair’s debut album could become the chorus of the summer. Their enchanting songs fuse the ecstasy of club land with the emotions of pop. Giorgia and Piero moved from the south of Italy to Florence and immersed their intimate love songs in a synthetic glamour. Simmering beneath the cool exterior of the synthesiser and guitars is the sex appeal of seventies glam heroes. Their gigs are legendary: in these pop performances, We Love create their own cosmos of music, film and fashion. Donning futuristic costumes and masks, they take us on a crusade of love – the strongest feeling of all. “On stage we are like two soldiers of love: two faces behind a visor, two bodies behind a black and white suit of armour.”

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