How to Make Fake Blood?

Muchos rumores sobre quién es Fake Blood, de donde salio, etc... algunos aseguran que se trata de otro proyecto de las hermanos Dewale! (Soulwax/2manydj's) eso es lo de menos, lo mejor es su música! acaba de sacar un nuevo Ep FIX YOUR ACCENT, altamente recomendable para el dancefloor. Para entrar en mood tetrico todos mis post's de ésta semana van de monstruos, zombies, cadaveres, vampiros, momias, litros de sangre... puro cliché, mientras aqui les dejo unas instrucciones para hacer sangrita falsa para la fiesta, con cosas que encuetras en tu hogar, sin gastar un solo peso... y mas abajo el set que hizo Fake Blood para la radio de Diesel hace poco...
Things You'll Need:
1 cup clear water-soluble hair gel 10 to 15 drops red food coloring 1 tbsp. water 1 tsp. sifted flour or cornstarch 8 drops blue food coloring Bottle with screw-on lid
Step 1 Mix the gel, water and food coloring together in the bottle. Put the lid on and shake gently.
Step 2 Add more red or blue food coloring as desired to get the right deep-red shade of fresh blood.
Step 3 Add the corn starch to the mixture and shake the bottle thoroughly. If there are lumps from the corn starch, gently pour them out.
Step 4
Dab the fake blood on your face, clothes or accessory with a foam paintbrush or makeup brush. Scoop a lot onto the brush and let it drip down naturally for the most realistic look.
Step 5 Allow the fake blood to dry, about 10 minutes. It will remain a little sticky but will stay glossy and red for several hours.
Fake Blood - Diesel U Music Show by Fake Blood

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