Skull of Dreams Mixtape by Little Boots

Skull Dream Meaning(see also bones) by Dreamsleep.net Psychological Meaning: The psychologist Carl Jung decided to become a psychologist after dreaming of discovering a skull in a deep cellar under his house. The skull represented his desire to probe the secrets of the mind. To dream of a skull may also be a symbol of mortality and your spiritual contemplation of the meaning of life and death. It may also refer to finality and the things in life that cannot be avoided. Mystical Meaning: To the gypsies a scull represents wisdom derived from their ancestors. To drink from a skull means sharing in their wisdom. In Ireland, it can be a symbol of truth for it is believed that if a man takes an oath on a skull but is lying as does, he will die soon after.

Mi futura esposa Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots no para ni un segundo y si no está sembrando uvas en su jardin, está haciendo videos, dando conciertos, practicando con piano, tenori on o cualquier juguetito en su dormitorio, participando en un documental sobre el stylophone o haciendo un mixtape con los tracks de new disco que le gustan...

Little Boots - Skull of Dreams mixtape (MP3 download)

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